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Lasherweave Garb January 28, 2010

Posted by Leiyan in Loot, Tree.

I’ve been convinced.  It’s time to seriously think about picking up four t10 pieces to get the bonus which sound absolutely awesome.  I’ve been hesitant on buying up the set.  I spent some badges here and there, right now I only have enough for two pieces… and honestly, without the Vanquisher tokens none of the pieces look like much of an upgrade.  Even with the token, I can’t afford to sacrifice the haste on my current gear for non-haste upgrades (t10 shoulders, chest, and hat).  In fact, the only two tier pieces with haste on them (gloves and pants) are the two places I’ve already upgraded to ilevel 264 gear (grabbing the basic t10 at ilevel 251 would be a serious downgrade at this point).

Beyond that, I am foolishly waiting for a certain item to drop before seriously going after anything else.  Once I have that, I’ll ought to be able to pick up the t10 hat and gloves without worrying as much about haste.

Still, the Rejuvenation proc sounds absolutely amazing for fights like Professor Putricide.  I would hate to miss out on having the bonus when it would be really useful.  Certainly something to consider… I’ll be keeping my eye on this bonus.

As a parting question, how are you planning to deal with the lack of haste on our t10 gear?  Has this caused anyone else to hesitate on picking up t10 as soon as possible?



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