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Cataclysm Class Information Soon! April 6, 2010

Posted by Leiyan in Cataclysm.

If you haven’t heard the news yet, the rest of this week is going to be very interesting…

Beginning Wednesday, April 7 we will begin releasing class previews containing an overview of some of the changes currently being planned for each of the 10 World of Warcraft classes. The type of information you can expect from these posts are a list of the new spells from 80-85, the new passive mastery bonuses for all talent trees, a brief outline of some of the talent changes we’re currently planning, and in some cases new low level spells for select classes.

Below is the schedule for each class:

  • Shaman – April 7
  • Priest – April 7
  • Warlock – April 7
  • Warrior – April 8
  • Death Knight – April 8
  • Rogue – April 8
  • Hunter – April 9
  • Druid – April 9
  • Mage – April 9
  • Paladin – April 16*
*The paladin is still deep in development. Instead of giving a preview that would be potentially less comprehensive than the other classes we made the decision to post it when it’s ready, in order to properly honor the paladin class and those that play them.

Read the entire post here.

I am really eager to hear about the passive bonuses for each spec, though I suspect Resto Druid’s will be fairly obvious (+Heals, +HoTs, +Mana Regen).  Since I tend to see the world with a “glass half full” view, I  fully expect to be overall pleased with the upcoming changes and updates.   However, we will see for sure on Friday!

I feel sorry about the long wait for your info, Paladins!  My husband plays a Protection Paladin, so I feel your pain…. Still, I will be counting the minutes until Friday gets here!  >.>



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