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This blog is named for the reagent required by Rebirth (Rank 7), a level 80 spell used by Druids to resurrect, in combat, a fallen comrade.  It’s a small item, but an important one, essential to all druids.  Of course many Druids, such as myself, have glyphed out of needing reagents for their Rebirth spells.  Still, the idea of a small, important, thing suits my intentions.

I plan to use this blog as a place to discuss my personal views on restoration healing in order to improve my performance, and maybe even help someone else.  There might be original information here, but to be realistic there are many Restoration Druid blogs out there, so I can foresee myself covering the same stuff as everyone else.  Regardless, I’ll do my best to provide a unique perspective, no promises though!

I am a spell power-, spirit-, and haste- stacking HoT healer.  My spec is pretty standard with an emphasis on fast casts and strong HoTs.  Also I seem obsessed with achievements and you will probably be hearing about my progress.

Currently, I have one alt of note: a level 80 Feral Druid.  Since I have never been a fan of frequent respecs, she was originally supposed to be my Moonkin experiment. Then Blizzard blessed us all with duel specs and Leiyan quickly picked up a lazer chicken offset.  It took a few weeks of wavering until my husband finally convinced me to really give feral an fair try on my baby druid.

Going feral has been the best alt-related decision I have ever made.  Experiencing the game from a tank and melee dpsers perspective has been a blast.  My heart will always be with the Trees…but sometimes I just want to maul faces.



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