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[3.3.3] Eclipse Procs in Power Auras January 26, 2010

Posted by Leiyan in AddOns/Mods/Macros, Moonkin.
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UDPATE 2/10/2011: I’ve noticed this still gets a lot of views, so I would direct anyone who finds this post to a related post on Heart of the Wild.

UPDATE 4/5/2010:  Patch 3.3.3 brought a minor change to the Eclipse proc for Balance Druids.  As many Moonkin recall, the buff was called “Eclipse” regardless of if it buffed Wrath or Starfire.  This is no longer the case.

An eclipse that buffs Starfire is now named: Eclipse (Lunar)
An eclipse that buffs Wrath is now named: Eclipse (Solar)

These terms can now be used instead of the spell numbers I described below.  Of course, the spell numbers will still work so you wont need to update/change your Power Aura settings unless you want to.  A very nice, and very needed, change.  Thanks, Blizz!


I found this lovely little addon about a year ago but only since October 2009, when I ran Moonkin spec in my guilds Yogg+1 10s group and used it to display the free Starfire proc from the Tier 8 2 piece bonus  did I start seeing how useful it was.  Even then, its only been in the last month or two that I have really use of Power Auras Classic to its fullest with all four specs of the Druid class.

Angelya’s post in Revive & Rejuvenate reminded me of how little I had been able to find regarding how to properly display Eclipse Procs when I was searching for that information.  Luckily I somehow came across the spell numbers for the two buffs in Wowhead.  Right now, I have no idea -how- I found the spell numbers.  No matter what I try, I can’t seem to repeat the search that lead me to these numbers in the first place, which is probably why so many Moonkin out there also do not seem to know they exist.

So, in the interests of getting the information out there as much as possible:
For the Eclipse that boosts Starfire use: [48518]
For the Eclipse that boosts Wrath use: [48517]

Make sure to include the []’s in the Name field.  That is the proper syntax for using Wowhead spell numbers in Power Auras Classic.

My aura for both procs look exactly the same, and are found in the same spot on my screen.  The Lunar Eclipse is tinted blue and the Solar Eclipse is tinted orange (just like the buffs appear on my character).  Naturally, both also have a countdown timer to display how much longer I can keep spamming before it wears off.  Being a Restoration Druid at heart, this simple aura display has greatly increased my DPS, making it rather obvious when I should be hitting one button instead of the other. =)