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Facing the Lich King March 24, 2010

Posted by Leiyan in Icecrown Citadel, Strategy.
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To me, that one point in Brambles to get further down the talent tree to Celestial Focus, is a Thorn in my side.  It’s just not a talent I particularly like or desire.  Despite Phaelia’s write up on Brambles (which honestly has made me more vigilant in maintaining Thorns on my Tanks ever since reading it), if there was ANYTHING that was even remotely useful for that 1 point, I would choose it over Brambles in a heartbeat.

So what does that have to do with the title of this post?

Well, we faced the Lich King in 10s for the first time on Sunday.  We wiped many, many times… but it was so much fun.  We learned something at each attempt, and we are looking forward to more attempts when we probably go back this Sunday.

So far we can consistently make it into Phase Two, but that is where everything falls apart.  More precisely, things always seemed to fall apart right at the end of the first Transition Phase, too many adds, too much chaos. Figuring out the mechanics on the Val’kyr was also definitely slowing down our progress.  Still, I think we were really getting somewhere on our last few attempts.

In an effort to maintain more control over the Spirits in the Transition, we decided to have me DPSing the Ice Spheres which would allow the 5 DPSers to really burn down those adds.

With only 6000 health, the Ice Spheres aren’t too bad to take down.  I was a bit worried I wouldn’t kill them before they reached one of the raid members, but two Wrath’s usually took them out.   When that wasn’t enough I could finish an Sphere off with a Moonfire.  In fact, I took to opening with Moonfire as I was running into range, and then hitting Wrath twice to kill it off.  It was always a close call, but it was doable.  As a result, the adds were much better managed by the DPS and things started to look up for Phase Two.

So, once we called it for the evening, I discovered that I finally had a real reason to switch that one point dumped into Brambles to SOMETHING ELSE.  That’s right.  I now proudly have one point in Nature’s Reach and my Balance spells  have a 33 yard range.  That extra 3 yards doesn’t seem like much but when you barely have enough time to kill an Ice Sphere as it is, any edge helps.

Does my raid lose the 25% buff to Thorns?  Yes, but balancing the minimal damage output from Thorns against the need to kill the Ice Spheres swiftly or face a wipe…  Well, Nature’s Reach wins in my book.

Eventually, once we get a better feel for the fight and the DPS move back to killing the Spheres, I’m sure I’ll go back and pick up that 1 point in Brambles… but until then, feel my (33 yard) Wrath!!!