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Val’anyr, Hammer of the Ancient Kings? April 27, 2009

Posted by Leiyan in Loot.
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So, while nearly every other healer is lusting after Valanyr (and to be honest, who wouldn’t be), I’ve decided to set my sights on another prize.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d love a shot at Valanyr as much as the next person, but looking at this realistically, that wont happen. Not until loooong after my guild has out geared the content and moved on to the next raid instance. I’m a fairly new member of my guild, all of the other healers have been there together for ages (or so it seems to me), and right now I’m not feeling very up-to-par either.

But that beautiful weapon…. that is within my grasp, and to be honest, I think it might be the best weapon out there for me, perhaps even better than Valanyr, since I dont think I’ll get much use out of the proc.  Since it seems no one knows for sure how the proc will behave, I wont say that firmly, but there it is.  My guild easily killed the Iron Council on their first night of trying, so I know this will be mine eventually.

Though I think Rapture is the better staff, The Lifebinder is very appealing as well.  Looks nearly the same, if not exactly, and has similar stats, exchanging spirit and crit for haste.

As a resto druid I’ve never favored crit or haste, though I think haste might be slightly more valuable for lowering my global cool downs.  The big difference, for me, between the two weapons is in the amount of Spirit. 121 vs 80.  Rapture wins.

And, thus, I lust for that weapon more than I have ever lusted for a single piece of gear in this game.